01 Introduction

Jeff Cavins’ Great Adventure is based on the 14 historical books of the bible. When you study these books you are able to follow the bibles’ historical event better. The books are Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, 1 Maccabees, Luke and Acts.

It is very important to know what a covenant is when studying the bible.

What is a covenant?  Quite often, we use the word covenant interchangeably with the word contract.  Dr. Hahn points out that the difference between the biblical understanding of “covenant” and our use of “contract” is like the difference between prostitution (as a contract) and marriage (as a covenant).  Certainly, a man and a prostitute may engage in the same act as a man and his wife – but the difference in relationship is tremendous.  Likewise, covenants are very different than contracts.  While a contract involves a promise and an exchange of goods, a covenant involves an oath (swearing oneself) and an exchange of persons.

Biblical covenants have particular characteristics.  First, every covenant has a mediator – a person with whom God makes the covenant, who represents a particular group of people (his family, tribe, etc).  Second, every covenant promises certain blessings for those who keep the covenant.  Third, there are conditions laid out for keeping the covenant – and curses that come with breaking these.  Fourth, each covenant has a sign which is used to celebrate and remember the covenant.  Finally, God’s family takes on a new (and bigger) form with each successive covenant.

Here are the six covenant in the bible :

1) God’s covenant with Adam, the sign of this covenant is the sabbath day.
2) God’s covenant with Noah, the sign of this covenant is the rainbow.
3) God’s covenant with Abraham, the sign of this covenant is circumcision.
4) God’s covenant with Moses, the sign of this covenant is the Law (the Ten Commandments).
5) God’s covenant with David, the sign of this covenant is the throne and Temple which Solomon, David’s son, will build – and the nation has now become a holy Kingdom.
6) The New Covenant of Jesus, the sign of this covenant is Baptism, and the Eucharist.

Was there a beginning ?

Prior to 1927 scientists thought that the universe has always existed. In 1927 a Belgian priest Fr. George Lemai’tre proposed “hypothesis of the primeval atom” or the “Cosmic Egg” what became to be known as the big bang.

The cosmic microwave background radiation and the cosmological redshift-distance relation are together regarded as the best available evidence for the Big Bang theory.

Cosmic Microwave Background radiation

The Big Bang theory predicts that the early universe was a very hot place and that as it expands, the gas within it cools. Thus the universe should be filled with radiation that is literally the remnant heat left over from the Big Bang, called the “cosmic microwave background”, or CMB.

Cosmological Redshift

A cosmological redshift is a shift in the wavelength of received light from distant objects such that the wavelength of the light we are seeing is LONGER than the wavelength of the light that was emitted by the object we are looking at.