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The Difference a Worldview Makes

The reason that Dawkins continues to maintain his position on the question of life’s origin is because he has locked himself into a naturalistic universe. This decision comes from his worldview. Dawkins’ theology presupposes no supernatural God and his philosophy assumes nature is the whole of reality. From this a priori foundation, he attempts to build an explanation for first life. The problem with his explanation is there is no natural process known to man that can produce something living from something non-living. Therefore, we conclude Dawkins’ explanation is not scientifically based, but a necessary inference from his religiously held belief in atheism.

On the other hand, scientific experiments continue to confirm that life only comes from pre-existing life. This is exactly what a biblical worldview affirms: “In the beginning was the Word,” “the Word was God,” “In him was life.”[7] The Bible states that the living God is the source of life on earth. This is consistent with the law of biogenesis. Therefore, the most scientific statement one can make about the origin of life is, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”