If you are curious who am I, here is my quick bio. My parents are both from the Philippines where I grew up and schooled until college. It is ironic that despite the fact that I come from a predominantly Catholic country I grew up not really knowing my faith.

Part of it I believe was the fact that my parents did not know their faith like I was until a few years ago. Some of it may also be the lack of materials to educate yourself about your faith. Part of it probably because the lack of teachings coming from the Church.

In any case thank God you can now turn to the internet, print media, radio and tv to study  your faith.

-Rey Andrada


One response to “mybio

  1. intrigued_Catholic

    You seem like a person very taken with your faith. What was it in your life that caused the changed of heart towards Catholicism? A long time ago I don’t know why but I was blessed and began to believe and I can’t pin point the exact time but of course I have God to thank, but also I have to thank God for giving me parents whose hearts turn to the Lord. I think if that never happened God would not have opened that window that we needed badly as a family when a hard door was shut in our faces. So I think it is such a wonderful thing that you are so blesses with your faith please keep doing what you are doing.

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